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Amabel Barlow is an artist and author who has always enjoyed nature and the environment which inspires her creativity, influencing her love of writing illustrated children’s books, and painting her vibrant botanical landscapes. She works in oils and watercolour to create her paintings. 


Amabel's portfolio includes all her recent painting commissions and exhibition work. Her paintings are exhibited with Blackheath Art Society and Made in Greenwich. Please email Amabel to discuss a commission at or message her by using the contact details below.

Commissions Gallery

Published Books

"Lucy Lights the Way":

A story about true friendship and finding your special talent with their help

Published April 2021

ISBN: 9781800312234

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Lucy is a sad firefly who does not think she has a special talent. It is by helping her friends she discovers what her special talent is.

We all have special talents. We often realise what our talents are through people who care for us.

Lucy Lights the Way - Front cover 08 11 2020.jpg

"Minka makes her mark":

A story that shows children about art styles and encourages them to explore the art world.

Published May 2022

ISBN: 9781803693422


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Step into the world of
Minka’s Art Gallery.
Read and look at Minka’s
artwork and the different
styles of art.
Would you like to paint?
Would you like to be an
artist like Minka?

Save the Earth... Because We Have To:
An encouraging story of friendship and how 3 friends work together to look after our planet
Published April 2023
ISBN: 1803697210

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This is a story about a girl named Allie, a baby kangaroo called Marlu, and a polar bear cub named Nanook.

They meet on a tsunami wave after a volcano erupts.

They come together to teach children of the world about climate change. What can we do to look after our plant?

Allie, Marlu, and Nanook are from different parts of the world, but it is changes to our planet that bring them together to "Save the Earth... because we have to"


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