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Amabel Barlow is an illustrator, artist and author who has always enjoyed nature and the environment which inspires her creativity, influencing her love of writing illustrated children’s books, painting and her own style of botanical illustration. She works in oils, watercolour and ink pen to create her designs and ideas.


Amabel's portfolio includes all her recent painting commissions and exhibition work. Her paintings are exhibited with Blackheath Art Society and Made in Greenwich. Please email Amabel to discuss a commission at or message her by the contact details below.

South London Gardens

Rackett 20211218_110216.jpg

Rackett, Oil on Canvas
by Amabel Barlow

The Waterlily Pond in Greenwich Park. Greenwich London. Oil on Canvas. Painted by Amabel B

The Waterlily Pond in Greenwich Park. Greenwich London. Oil on Canvas
by Amabel Barlow

"Lucy Lights the Way"

Published April 2021

ISBN: 9781800312234

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Lucy is a sad firefly who does not think she has a special talent. It is by helping her friends she discovers what her special talent is.

We all have special talents. We often realise what our talents are through people who care for us.

Lucy Lights the Way - Front cover 08 11 2020.jpg

"Minka Makes her Mark"

Published May 2022

ISBN: 9781803693422


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Jim and Shelia's 20220728_151717.jpg

You have really captured the colour and perspective of the garden.

Thank you, Amabel!

Jim and Shelia

Severndroog Castle 30 06 2022.jpg

Severndroog Castle

Amabel's prints are stocked in our gift shop

My husband loved his wedding anniversary painting of our house, where we have lived for 33 years and it was instantly recognisable to Daniel as 'home'.



We’re loving these fabulous #queensjubilee mugs - printed with an exclusive design by @migreenwich artist @amabelbarlow_illustrator

In green and blue they’re the perfect gift and a lovely way to celebrate over a cuppa with the Queen’s favourite biscuit - reputedly a Bath Chocolate Oliver - where so we get it all from

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