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Isle of Man garden 30 9 2021.jpg

Amabel Barlow has a particular flair for detail, perspective, and colour.  We sent a photo to Amabel (photo on the left) and received this beautiful representation a few weeks later.  It hangs on the wall by the French doors leading to our garden and reminds us during the dark winter of the warmer, vibrant months to come.
D&S Quine, Isle of Man
Septemeber 2023


Amabel was really helpful and fast to reply when discussing our custom painting of where we got engaged. She captured the place perfectly and would highly recommend her. The painting is beautiful and we can’t wait to get it up in our house. Thank you very much
S Ryan
Sepetember 2023

Eltham Palace. Watercolour. Painted by Amabel Barlow 17 04 2023.jpg

I would like to say how delighted we were on the commissioned painting that Amabel did for us from a referenced photo.   I must say she captured the detail extremely well and the colours were much more vibrant than the photo itself; I loved that.   Amabel did a superb job.

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to review the project as it progressed and meeting the timeline for the finished artwork.  


It's the second piece of work we have from Amabel now; they complement each other well and they take pride of place on our wall.  


Look forward to seeing more of your art work in the future and wish you all the best.

Gill Charman

April 2023

I gave my husband Dave the picture yesterday and he LOVED it!

It was the perfect gift. Thank you for your time and talent.



March 2023

Jim and Shelia's 20220728_151717.jpg

You have really captured the colour and perspective of the garden.

Thank you, Amabel!

Jim and Shelia

August 2022

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